At Home Permanent Hair Removal Devices. Do they really work?


The short answer is not permanently… but lets go into some detail here to explain why these at-home devices aren’t putting laser clinics out of business.

To permanently damage a follicle you must get the root of the hair to 70 degrees C. there are hair stem cells underneath the root and these need to be destroyed. There are further hair stem cells around close to the hair bulge which also need to be destroyed.

The light from the device is absorbed by the melanin pigment in the hair, which then heats up the hair and hair root. The skin also contains melanin but usually in a lower concentration which is where we find our window of treatment opportunity. The hair heats up more than the skin…. but this is an intricate process and needs high doses of energy, delivered in tiny controllable pulses per shot so as not to burn the skin. At home devices simply don’t have the power or functionality to create this occurrence.

Heres why:

To permanently damage a thick dark hair on dark skin you must only use low energies and very long pulses.
To permanently damage a light fine hair on a light skin you would need high energies delivered with shorter pulses.

You are not allowed to sell a skin device to the untrained public that could cause a burn which means that these at=home devices are not built with the capacity to treat all types of hairs effectively because of the burn risk that could create to people with darker skin.

What at=home light based devices can do is heat up a hair sufficiently enough to stunt hair growth for a time. This could be a few weeks to a few months if you’re lucky, but not usually years.

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