Can you have laser hair removal on tanned skin?

Have you ever gone to the laser clinic and been turned away because you have a tan but been absolutely puzzled that someone with a naturally dark skin tone is about to go in for the same treatment?

If you’re not a trained laser practitioner this can seem really strange, but its all about the window of safety and efficacy for treating hair removal on your skin AND your hairs. People with naturally darker skin tend to have naturally darker hairs. Thus leaving us with a great window to affect the hairs with our laser without causing damage to the epidermis.

On a lighter skin with a tan the opposite is true. Your hairs are the same colour but now the skin is darker than it usually is, making the window for safe and effective laser hair removal very narrow and potentially dangerous.

The only systems that claim to accomplish this treatment usually use a mode where the energies are low but the practitioner goes over the same spot many times. Although this can provide the safety required, it is usually fairly ineffective on the hairs, especially if they are fine.

At Skintelligence Clinic we use an Alexandrite and Nd;YAG laser. This is a medical grade hair removal laser and so it will not allow for ineffective hair removal treatment on tanned skin. This is why we ask our clients to arrive tan free… otherwise it could be money down the drain for you.

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