Laser Hair Removal 101


Laser hair removal is now an extremely popular procedure to reduce unwanted hair growth.

It works by delivering a pulse of light on to the skin and hair, which will primarily be absorbed by the hairs due to their increased concentration of melanin.

The laser light heats up the hairs which then heat up the follicle, causing permanent damage to the hair root and, thus, reducing the likelihood of regrowth, This is why we call it permanent hair removal.

IMG_0857We must treat the area at least 6 – 8 times on the body and 6 -10 times on the face as the hairs are only effectively treated at a certain point in their growth cycle.

Most people begin with a minimum course of 6 treatments. Many clients only require minimal tidying up after this whereas some clients will have to come in for maintenance intermittently – usually due to hormonal conditions.

There are a number of uncommon medications / conditions which may prevent treatment but this is why we carry out a detailed medical consultation before commencing any laser hair removal treatment.

You also may not have treatment if you have been actively tanning within the last 4 weeks as this increases the risk of adverse reaction.

IMG_0875During your test patch we will assess whether the hair is reacting with the light and turn the settings up if necessary. We will also be looking to establish how your skin reacts to the heat in the follicles. It is normal to have pink or swollen follicles and general pinkness to the area directly after treatment.

We will invite you back in a number of days later to begin your sessions provided any redness or swollen follicles have settled as expected.

We are also proud to use a Zimmer Cryo 6 Skin Cooler which expels air at -5 to -30 degreesC onto the treatment area; alleviating discomfort for an almost pain free treatment.

If you have never had laser treatment before, the feeling is described as an elastic band flick, which is very accurate. It feels even more gentle with the aid of the cooler.



Laser hair removal is a personal choice, and every client is different.

We therefore offer free informal consultations & test patch sessions to all clients.

For a free, no obligation discussion about if Laser hair removal is right for you please call the clinic on 01926889898 or email