Which hair removal laser is right for me?

At Skintelligence, we have the option of 3 different wavelengths for laser hair removal, and the option of standard shot-by-shot or in-motion ( pain free ) mode.

Most good laser clinics will have a machine that offers at least 2 laser wavelengths: Alexandrite and Nd;YAG. These lasers have been considered the ‘Gold Standard’ for effective and safe hair removal for many years.

Clinical data still supports Alexandrite (755nm) being the most effective laser wavelength available for laser hair removal due to the high rate of melanin absorption.

The Nd;YAG laser (1064nm) has the lowest melanin absorption and remains the safest laser to use on Fitzpatrick Skin Types 4-6 or on dark hairs on lighter skins, however, results can be limited on finer or lighter hairs because this wavelength has such a low melanin absorption.

This leaves a gap in treatment efficacy for those clients with finer hairs on darker skins or for those with tanned skin and brown hairs (who would generally be contra-indicated for Alexandrite laser due to burn risk)




This is where the mid range wavelength of a Diode laser (808nm) would be a suitable treatment choice.

Diode laser offers a greater penetration depth like the Nd;YAG laser, but has a higher melanin absorption. Another great thing about our diode laser for hair removal is that it also has a PAIN FREE mode to ensure that your treatment is as comfortable and effective as possible.  it also combines a sub zero chill tip for added safety and comfort.

If you choose to have a laser hair reduction treatment at a clinic that only offers one laser wavelength, just bear in mind that the very best and safest results come from your therapists’ capacity to make a clinical decision to alter your treatment plan to something more effective, or something less aggressive, if they need to. Its always comforting to know that the money, time and effort you have put into reducing your hair growth is well spent.

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