Leg Vein Removal Services In Leamington Spa & Coventry

Laser Treatment for Leg veins & Leg Vessels

At Skintelligence Clinic we use a Medical Grade long pulsed Nd;YAG Laser for treatment of superficial leg veins & vessels. The Nd;YAG laser has a good penetration depth to reach and target the vessel without damaging surrounding skin. Laser vessel treatment is one of the safest and most effective ways to treat leg vessels aside from sclerotherapy (injections).


So How Does Laser Leg Vein Removal Work?

Laser leg vein treatment works by targeting haemoglobin in the vessel. When the laser light is pulsed on to the vessel, it absorbs the light, causing it to heat and coagulate. The vein or vessel will then be reabsorbed by the body over several weeks, and then treatment can be repeated.


How does Laser Leg Vein Removal Feel?

For laser leg vessel treatment, the sensation is similar to a quick hot pinching snatiation. Typically, no local anaesthesia is required as ice packs and a skin cooling machine are used during the session to alleviate discomfort.


Am I Suitable for Laser Leg Vessel Treatment?

Most people with superficial leg veins can undergo laser leg vessel treatment.

There are some medications and medical conditions that would prevent us from carrying out a laser treatment which is why we conduct a detailed medical consultation and patch test prior to commencing your treatment course.

If you have a blood disorder, clotting issues, are on blood thinning medication, or have circulation or lymphatic problems, this treatment may not be possible. We would also not treat vessels near the feet or ankles for diabetic clients due to potential healing problems.


What Will I See After the Treatment?

After laser leg vein treatment in Leamington Spa or Coventry, the damaged veins and vessels may blanch back into the deeper layers of the skin and no longer be visible, or they may initially turn a darker colour, indicating that they have coagulated, before fading out. You may also experience what is termed as “cat scratch” which is a swollen pink or red line where the vessel previously was. This can take a several days to settle, which is normal.


How Many Laser Leg Vein or Leg Vessel Treatments Will I Need?

For laser leg vein/ vessel treatment, we usually recommend 3 sessions initially, but we can continue treatments until a satisfactory result is achieved. We would treat your leg veins at intervals of around 6 – 8 weeks.


What are the Side Effects for Laser Leg Vein Removal in Leamington Spa And Coventry?

After the session your skin may be pink or red, and the areas where the vessels have been treated can be swollen and tender. You can apply Aloe Vera or Lynton Light Soothe Gel at home and use a cold compress if required.

Adverse reactions are rare but can include hypo-pigmentation (lightening of the skin) or Hyper- pigmentation (darkening of the skin) in the treated area, a small blister, or some minor crusting. Generally, these will also heal fully, given time.

Rarely, some people experience a temporary brown staining of the area after leg vein treatment which is the iron left behind from the vessel. This is called hemosiderin, and usually improves spontaneously over time.


How Long Will My Laser Leg Vein Removal Results Last?

After the treatment, some vessels will disappear and not return. Some will become smaller, and some vessels may not respond if they are too tiny or too large to coagulate.  Some leg veins may re-open due to the pressure of the blood flow when standing, especially if you have a family history of leg vessels or varicose veins. You may find that compression stockings are useful to assist in attaining a better result.


Consultation Procedure:

Prior to Vessel or vein treatment, you will need to complete a medical history form and sign a consent form for your patch test and each subsequent treatment. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have during the consultation process.

If your medical condition or medication changes, you must let your clinician know prior to your laser treatment.