Laser Tattoo Removal

Q-Switched Lasers are considered by dermatologists to be the most effective, safe and reliable way to remove unwanted multi-coloured tattoos with consistent predictable results.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?
We Use an Active Q-Switched Laser which produces a high-powered beam of laser light in an extremely short pulse delivered in just 6 nanoseconds (6 thousand – millionths of a second). The very short pulse of high powered laser light is absorbed by the tattoo ink particles, breaking them down into smaller pieces, and enabling your natural immune defenses to remove the broken particles. Generally, a number of treatments are required to fully remove a tattoo

How is the Treatment Carried Out?
The skin will be cleaned prior to the laser treatment, then the laser is pulsed over the tattoo ink. An audible ‘clicking’ noise is often heard, and the tattoo will appear to lighten up or look somewhat cloudy as the ink particles shatter. Generally, the colour returns within a few minutes. After treatment, Lynton Light Soothe Gel will be applied, and you will be advised to avoid sources of heat and apply a cool compress at home.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Feel?
Most patients describe the sensation as similar to a hot pin prick. Topical anesthesia is not usually required, but a skin cooling device is used to reduce discomfort.

How Does the Skin Look After Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment?
An instant whitening of the tattoo is seen after treatment, but this generally fades quickly. The area will usually feel sore or tender immediately after treatment and can be red and swollen for a few days after treatment. Some tattoos will form a bruise or small blisters which must be left to heal naturally. Initially the tattoo is unlikely to look any different but will fade gradually over the next 4 to 8 weeks as the body disperses it.

Are There Any Side Effects?
Rarely the skin may become lighter or darker. Change to skin texture and scarring is possible, though uncommon, and is more likely if any grazes or blisters are not allowed to heal naturally.

How Many Tattoo Removal Sessions Will I Need?
The Number of tattoo removal treatments needed depends on several factors, including the density and colour of ink and the age of the tattoo. Amateur tattoos can disperse more easily, usually taking only 1 to 4 treatments, whereas professional tattoos vary considerably, some can take just 6 laser sessions while others may take up to 15 treatments to attain satisfactory clearance. Treatment sessions are spaced 6 to 10 weeks apart.

How Long Does Laser Tattoo Removal Take?
Treatment time varies depending upon the size of the tattoo but generally is between 10 – 30 minutes.

Consultation Procedure
Prior to laser hair removal, you will need to complete a medical history form and sign a consent form for your patch test and each subsequent treatment. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have during the consultation process.

If your medical condition or medication changes, you must let your clinician know prior to your laser treatment.

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