Laser Tattoo Removal | Fast, Safe & Effective



The biggest growth sector in lasers right now is tattoo removal. This is because the tattoo market is booming and whether you want to remove your old tattoo to have a new one in its place, or just to get rid of it completely; laser tattoo removal is the safest and most effective method of removal available today.

Q switched lasers are completely different to long pulsed hair removal & vascular lasers. Q switched lasers are not photo thermal. They are photo acoustic. This means that the light is fired within nanoseconds or even pico seconds; causing a shockwave through the pigment molecules which will break them into smaller particles for the body to clear away.

This type of treatment is effective for tattoo removal and dermal pigment removal such as birth marks.

Not all Q switched lasers are created equal. The results can vary massively depending on the quality of the laser and the experience of practitioner carrying out your treatment.

The most effective tattoo removal laser widely available in the market today is an Active Q Switched Laser. A Pico laser would also prove very effective for fast removal in most cases but it is expensive and not suitable for all skin types or all ink colours usually.

The type of gain medium used in the laser (I.E Nd:YAG, KTP, Ruby, or Alexantrite) will tell you what colour the laser is likely to be effective on.

Blue and green do not usually respond to an Nd :YAG laser. You will require a Q switched Ruby or Alexandrite laser to remove these colours.

Darker colours will usually respond to Nd: YAG laser at 1064nm.

Red/ brown type pigment should be treated with a Q switched KTP wavelength (532nm).

We also highly recommend that you consider a practitioner with in depth knowledge of tattooing inks and methods. All tattoos are unique and a highly experienced tattoo removal specialist can give you a better indication of how the skin and ink are likely to look after your course is complete. Tattooists usually offer a removal service but it is still quite rare to find a floor standing active Q Switched laser in a tattoo studio, with most opting for a compact desktop system for fading rather than complete removal.

Of course, if you would like to discuss your tattoo removal options in more detail, we are happy to offer free advice.