Can you remove green ink?


Well the short answer is yes… But the long answer is that it depends where you go and what laser they have. To understand what you are looking for you must first understand the basic principles of tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal is done with a Q Switched laser which will deliver an extremely short pulse of light on to the area of skin to be treated. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on a couple of things:

How short is the pulse?
About 6 nanoseconds an optimum Active Q Switched pulse length and shorter pulses are also proving extremely effective such as pico second pulses. Small desktop machines may have a 6ns pulse but will deliver the total energy over a few pulses of up to 80 or more ns as they lack the capacity to deliver this energy all at once like most floor standing lasers.

How powerful is the laser? Well this may not be important for your first few treatments because you will only need low fluences whilst the ink is thick and plentiful for the laser to react with. But when there are only a few faint splodges left you will be glad you chose to have treatment with a more powerful laser.

This is the trickiest thing for customers to learn as there are a lot of rogue traders treating the wrong colours with the wrong wavelengths…. and a lot of rogue laser manufacturers misleadingly naming their equipment to make novice buyers think it has more wavelengths than it actually does. For darker inks you need a QS 1064nm Nd;YAG wavelength. For red, purple, orange and brown type colours you need a QS 532nm KTP wavelength. And for green and blue inks you need a QS 694nm Ruby laser or a QS 755nm Alexandrite wavelength.

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